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Business Mentoring

If you want to find simple and practical ways to help grow your business or help set good standards for a firm foundation then we can help you. We can work along side you to share best practice or find practical solutions to business problems.

Team Development

Your team can be your greatest strength or your Achilles heel. We can help to identify the areas that may be hindering you business and help to coach new habits to help everyone regardless of their position to ultimately make your business a success.

Competitor Analysis

It is vital that you know what your nearest competitors are up to, whether it be good or bad. We can help in identifying new trends, services and products to help you move your business forward and stay ahead of your competitors.

Customer Service Training

Your staff can help make your business a success. It is key that they know exactly what you expect from them. Reach Consultancy can develop training packages to help you to confirm that your customer is KING.

Training your staff

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Testimonial from Vie at Chantez.co.uk
"I needed ideas on how to target my audience and bring in the right clients. Reach Consultancy helped me to plan effectively and, within a year, Chantez has tripled it's business. Planning now for future possibilities within the brand. Thank you!"

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